Go viral

Influencers are people who appeal to many fans in social media. Fans see influencers as friends and role models.
Studies have proven that advertising is extremely effective in this environment.


My viewers = Your customers

Vlogs are the most engaging medium available online today.
64 percent of customers admitted in a research that they are more likely to make a purchase after watching an inspiring video.


Authentic impact

I love to inspire. I resonate with the audience and consumers feel emotionally connected with the branded vlog. Hence your reputation gains trust and profound awareness.


Benefit from my creativity to reach out to an engaged audience across the globe.
Let people experience your company in their free time to easily achieve great branding effect.

Think Tank

I am well-known for worldwide unique ideas only. Expect the unexpected.

Creative Placement

I create engaging stories to build your brand and products into the plot.

Media strategy

Avoiding expensive scattering losses and focus on your target audience.

Channel Planning

Drive more traffic and convert more customers buying your products.

Content Production

Shooting, editing, visual effects, animations. All in Ultra High Definition.


Let the magic happen.

Stefan Wehrli

Only in contact with people we can experience moments of happiness.
I'm addicted to the feeling of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new (crazy) things.


Award-winning filmmaker and influencer from Switzerland (24-y-old) with over 50 million viewers. Founder and CEO of Lensbreak Studios.


Multimedia production, composing symphonic music, software development, traveling, dancing salsa, singing in the shower.


Bachelor in Computer Science, minor in Marketing (graduate 2019). Lecturer in the art of filmmaking at a Swiss college since 2014.


Broadcasted in various newspapers and TV channels. Read here.




Viral promotion for a new album of the famous BLISS singers.



What happens when you lay down next to strangers?


VFX Show

Award for the best visual effects and editing.


Tesla Motors

Psst!...Viral promotion for the best car in the world...

Yanise Ho posted on Instagram
Love your positive energy, putting a smile on people's faces :)
Genius Nation posted on YouTube
Healthy funny videos! Not like other crappy pranks.
Abed Sarsur posted on YouTube
That's dope bruh! My favorite channel. Don't stop what you're doing, it's about time before you becomes very popular!
Agam Bhadauria posted on YouTube
I dont usually become a fan of someone so quickly..very hard to please.. U come up with new ideas. Proud to hav a new prankster.
Matthew Catlin posted on Facebook
Innovative, odd and great fun. All the participants seem to be enjoying themselves.


Do you feel the urge for the new and like to take advantage of social media?
I am looking forward to your contacting. I speak English, German, French and Spanish.

  • +4177 255 80 22

  • contact@lensbreak.com

  • Kirchfeld 20, 5637 Beinwil, Switzerland